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SQL Server Express edition which don’t have Sql Server agent and it’s job to schedule a backup on regular basis, well there are option to add some script in the database and create a batch file and write a command to execute that batch file and schedule in Windows Task Scheduler. All these efforts are reduced with the use of GUI tool called SQLBackup.

A tool SQLBackup to schedule a backup with an ease, no need to login in Sql Server,no need to to run any script, all it needs is schedule a task in windows task scheduler and it’s done. well it don’t need anyone to write a command for task scheduler, this tool will generate it.

Donwload the SQLBackup beta version.

This zip file has:-
  • SQLBackup.exe (setup file)
  • SQLBackup.exe.config (have info about DataBase connection string)
  • DifferentialBackup.xml (setting for backtype differential type backup)
  • FullBackup.xml

NB: - SQLBackup.exe.config file have database connection string pointing to local database in the system, change it before opening the SQLBackup.exe.
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